Raffy Boulgourjian

Title: Attorney At Law
Phone: (818) 476-0107
Fax: (818) 476-0110


           Raffy Boulgourjian, Esq. has been representing business and real property owners since 1998.  As a business owner himself, Mr. Boulgourjian appreciates the many challenges that you face in running a business, and can offer personalized solutions to the many legal questions you may face on a daily basis.  As our client, you will have free access to our office, resources and answers to common questions which may come up for you every day.


           Mr. Boulgourjian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Southern California, and a Doctorate in Law from Southwestern University.  Mr. Boulgourjian has applied his business, finance and law backgrounds to craft unique legal solutions for his business and real estate clients for over ten years.


As a first generation American himself, Mr. Boulgourjian believes in the American Dream and stands ready to fight for keeping it alive for you and the next generation of Americans.  A large portion of that Dream is to own a home and people deserve to have an attorney on their side fighting to keep the dream alive for them.  Fighting to preserve your rights is our business and we have done so for many clients through the years.  Let our firm do the same for you.


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