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Our Law Offices are committed to one goal and one goal only; to be an aggressive advocate on your behalf.  We specialize in real estate and business litigation, with a focus on real estate investors and property owners.

The office has expanded its services to assisting homeowners in need.  In the current economic environment, many homeowners who worked hard to seek the dream of ownership have been faced with the very real possibility of being robbed of those dreams.  Our office can help.  You have options, and we are ready to review and discuss them with you at no charge.

Raffy Boulgourjian
has been representing homeowners, real estate investors and business owners since 1998.  As a first generation American himself, Mr. Boulgourjian believes in the American Dream and stands ready to fight for keeping it alive.  A large portion of that Dream is to own a home and people deserve to have someone fight for them to keep the dream alive.  Don't stand by to watch your dream robbed from you.   Let us have the privelage of helping you protect your dream.

If you are currently in foreclosure, or looking to preserve your assets and credit ratings, we can help.  We have been successful at providing sound, instantly helpful legal advice.  We will proactively negotiate on your behalf with lenders and creditors.  As a last resort, you may gain debt relief and a fresh start through bankruptcy.  Take a positive step forward and contact our office today and explore ALL your options!

If you worked hard to buy your home but have become a victim of difficult times, you are not alone.  Let us help you minimize the pain and work hard to save your home and your credit rating.  Our firm has been successful in assisting homeowners in distress facing the very real threat of foreclosure.

We will negotiate on your behalf with lenders and creditors.  If your best option is to seek a fresh start through bankruptcy, the Firm can direct you to qualified professionals who will discuss your bankruptcy options with you.  Contact our office today to explore all of your options.


 Serving The Greater Southern California Region since 1998.

"Being in the mortgage and real estate industry for over 15 years, having a proficient, responsive and knowledgeable real estate attorney is imperative. Raffy Boulgourjian has been that attorney for us. He has been readily available, answered all of our questions and met our needs without fail every time. He has our seal of approval!" ~ Nonie Velez, Financial Mortgage Advisor, S&D Mortgage Inc www.TNTeam.com

“When I had hit a wall with a mortgage lender and an associated financial service company Raffy Boulgourjian helped me regain my sanity and, after a call, was able to help rectify the encountered problems. Beyond being a nice and trustworthy individual, he gets favorable results with minimal fuss. He will be my legal consultant for the future." ~ Jack Der-Sarkissian, MD

"Mr. Boulgourjian provided me with high-quality "insiders" advise on loan modification and mortgage laws.  Mr. Boulgourjian's competence and in-depth knowledge will bring tangible results to his clients.  Mr. Boulgourjian demonstrated unique combination of integrity, compassion, and, competence in my discussions with him. I highly recommend his services!"  ~ Dhaval Bhatt

"Raffy has been a tremendous help to my family in untangling a web of complicated financial legal issues. Attentive and quick to respond, he also possesses that great mix of professionalism and compassion that was needed during a difficult time for my family. I strongly recommend his counsel."  ~ K.M.

The Law Office of Raffy Boulgourjian provides legal advice in the area of Bankruptcy.  We are a federally designated debt relief agency.
Disclosures required under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code